Sunday, December 11, 2011

Studying in Vacations' Time

As we all know, it's not common to have an academic semester in this time of year, when all we have in mind is Christmas, New Year and of course, going on vacations. But this 2011 has been an untypical year.

2011, a year that will always remain in our memories as the year when the whole university community fought for a better education in Chile.

Now we are here, in the last level of the English Program when all the learning objectives and goals are meant to be fulfilled and accomplished. It is indeed a strange semester, briefer and our class group is smaller than average, but it is still a semester in which all those ideals can be reached.

And that's precisely what I expect of the course as a teacher, that we can take advantage of all those things that are different now to make the best out of this experience.

Personally, I feel glad you can have the opportunity to continue learning the language throughout this period, because learning a language is something that needs a continuity and we have it now.

My best wishes for all of you in this 2011-2012 second semester.

My dear students, now you should write your first post about the following:

Write about:
- Your expectations for this new term
- The subjects you are taking
- How you feel studying in summer/christmas time..
- Others
Number of words: 120 minimum
* Leave comments on 3 of your classmates posts.

* If you visit this link you will find expressions to talk about expectations